Copperforge LLC designs and produces high-quality electronic assemblies, specializing in the small business and hobby markets, including educational and competition robotics.

In 2018, Benjamin Ward and Solomon Greenberg formed Copperforge LLC, working from their homes and from college, sometimes distributed all of the way across the United States.

We leverage our background in electrical engineering and robotics — over 12 combined years of competition robotics experience — to provide hardware solutions for robotics and for diverse markets. We aim to supply simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use hardware that fulfills customer needs.

We believe that our unique approach — both in product value and supporting materials — can:

  1. enable students to learn and grow their STEM knowledge, inspiring them to become the next generation of engineers, software developers, and scientists. Nothing is more important than the future, and we’re trying to enable middle and high school kids to grow to their full potential.
  2. enable hobbyists to pursue their interests and further their abilities. Self-development and continual learning are fun, and can help to grow and further capabilities and careers.
  3. enable large dollar savings (salaries, hardware) for hobby, small business, and light manufacturing industries. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, and reducing up-front development costs both enables the creation of new businesses and accelerates the growth of existing product lines.

In addition to direct hardware sales, Copperforge specializes in design consulting services for electronics assemblies. We offer quick turnaround times for design and small-scale assembly. For more information, please see consulting.